Easid Bits EP

by Wedding Acid Group



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art-aud is proud to welcome to the label the legendary hungarian trio and acid boyband, Wedding Acid Group, for the first output of the new year! They started jamming together at Ballacid Studio in Újpest around 2009 and did some live gigs, when then they finally released their first thing on tape on Farbwechsel in 2014. They are back now so, after 6 years, with some new fresh material (for the first time on vinyl !), two tracks of pure analog fun, mixing frequencies that are satisfying both for dancefloor and listening pleasure...straight acid for mind, body and soul. To make everything more crispy and fat, we called also on board two other giants such as rephlex alumni EOD and Clone/SHUT knight Ryan James Ford, that brought amazing own interpretations of the ogs. what more to say? it would not be up to us to tell it but...this is a BUY ON SIGHT : )


released February 24, 2020

Written and produced by:

Zoltán Balla (Ballacid)
Lóránt Keresztes (J.Mono)
András Leidal (Saint Leidal The 2nd)

Mastering/Cutting by Radioactive Man @ Curved

Artwork by Kreggo

Distributed by Clone

art-aud 2020


all rights reserved



art-aud Italy

Independent Underground Record Label based in Italy. Established by Kreggo in winter 2014.

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